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Hyperbole aside, green tea is healthy and delicious.

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Green tea makes life better

And it was matcha that completely changed how I see green tea. A nice change-of-pace drink became a stiff shot of vigor. It was like going from a pleasant lager to … Hakushu 12-year, sherry cask, well, I’m not a whiskey drinker so I don’t know exactly what I’m saying.

Matcha can be a part of daily life, like coffee, or instead of it. It’s earthy, sweet, creamy, yet it can be bitter as well. It’s not magic. It’s been used for centuries to enhance health in a very natural way. You get your caffeine, too. It’s simply wonderful.

There’s preparation and a great deal of technique. And there are many varieties, like coffee (and whiskey), though a few are extra special. They are like fine wines or whiskies.

On top of the taste are many health benefits. Under it all is science.

As a doctoral candidate and constant knowledge geek, I started probing green tea and matcha from every angle. No fluff here. No exaggerations. I seek out scientific studies and evidence. Join me on this journey. And enjoy green tea… often.

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