About this site and me

Welcome to tea country

There’s no shortage of tea information out there, but I find much of it is suited to Western tastes. You also get a lot of fluffy claims to go with it.

As a scientific editor (MS in Health Sciences & MBA) and a doctoral-level researcher, I want to put some science behind the tea.

This site is to give you evidence-backed, high-quality information on Japanese green teas, from my perspective within Japan.

Hi, I’m Adam. アダムです。I’ve lived in Japan for over 15 years and I’ve only really been into green tea, especially matcha, for the last few.

I’ve visited the tea-growing region in Sri Lanka and I’ve always enjoyed tea, but I tended to be a coffee person. Cold green tea in the summer is wonderful, and I’d sometimes have various types of hot green tea in the cold months.

While I don’t live in Kyoto/Uji or in Nishio/Aichi, the heartlands of matcha and all the lovely traditions and history with it, I’m still in tea country.

Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan’s four major islands is blessed with tea-growing regions. Yame green teas from around here are lighter and fragrant. Yame matcha is airier than luscious green Uji matcha. They’re both wonderful.

Southern Kyushu also has Kagoshima, which is one of Japan’s top two tea-producing regions (along with Shizuoka).

So enjoy some matcha and other green teas with me. Taste is preference. Evidence and science validate it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why have you been in Japan so long?

Not just that, I’ve been away and I came back. Even after studying and living in many other countries, the cleanliness, order, and discipline of Japan are something special. I’ll always be an outsider, but honestly, I think I’d feel that anywhere. I love Japan and there’s nowhere I’d rather live. The same pursuit of mastery through trial and error is behind the art of Japanese tea.

2. Are you an expert on tea?

No. Certainly not. I’m a fan. I guess it’s about the same level as my photography, if not less. I have a nice camera, take some good photos, but I’m not a pro or expert. I’m an enthusiast. And I love finding out more and sharing it with others.

3. Do you plan to do a YouTube channel or show us more of your life?

Um… maybe? I’m much better with words than I am in front of the camera. I’ve toyed with the idea and it would inspire me to travel more. But right now I don’t have the time to produce something I’d be proud of. If you’d like to be my video editor, though, get in touch.

4. Green tea or coffee?

Both, no doubt. If it’s matcha vs. coffee, I’ll take the matcha. It gives me focus and energy at the same time. It feels like something of substance. I love green tea, especially cold tea in the summer and hot tea in the winter, but I do love my coffee as well.